Universal interface for cryptocurrency and sharing economy

Weconomy is the evolution of sharing economy in the age of blockchains. Earn Karma and cryptocurrency by doing what you love.

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Why build a Weconomy?

A new kind of sharing economy

The vision for Weconomy is to build a new kind of sharing economy, which helps financial inclusion for people all around the world. Weconomy could help many unbanked claim financial independence by offering goods & services.

Weconomy aims to be a gateway to a global sharing economy that offers equal opportunity for everyone to earn from what they are great at. Are you good with animals and want to spend your spare time with dogs? There might be someone who needs your help and would give you good Karma for it. In Weconomy help can be delivered in numerous ways easily with a touch of button without any intermediaries.

Easy access for all

Weconomy runs on a decentralized form of money, like Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is key in providing fair and efficient financial services for everyone. Weconomy will realise this vision to everyone by providing an easy to use platform where no technical knowledge is required to access the global sharing economy. All that is needed is a smart device and an internet connection.

Trust others with the help of Karma.

Karma is how users get rewarded for their service in addition to the monetary value. Karma is a decentralized rating system that will help establish trust between two users. The user’s actions on in the Weconomy platform will be directly reflected in their karma rating. This means the user’s karma rating will go up when they deliver on their duties and down when they don’t. Users with low karma rating would find it more difficult to make business, which would incentivise them to provide better services to increase their karma rating.

How does Weconomy work?

Step one - Join the Weconomy

Weco is the app of Weconomy. It will be released as an easy to use application for web and mobile clients. We aim for a great user experience where no technical knowledge of blockchains and cryptocurrencies is needed. You can simply download the app and get a free Airdrop of currency to get started.

Stay tuned for a MVP.

Step two - start helping others by selling your services or products.

Karma is how users get rewarded for their service in addition to the monetary value. Karma is a decentralized rating system that will help establish trust between two users. The user’s actions on in the Weconomy platform will be directly reflected in their karma rating.

An example of Weconomy trade
Tom is going through some stuff in his life and for some reason can’t give his two dogs quite as much attention as he would like. John is a stay-home dad and would love to but isn’t able to keep dogs in his apartment.

Tom now announces on the Weco Dapp that he needs some help with his dogs. John sees the announcement and responds. They make an agreement using Weco Dapp denoted in the local currency utilising the trust provided by each others’ karma ratings. Provided that John delivers on his duties, Tom may give him 1, 2 or 3 (good) karma points depending on his performance. In case of bad performance, Tom may give John negative (bad) karma instead.

Users with a lot of negative karma may be flagged by the platform and their announcements become invisible for a period of time.


  • Development of technology and whitepaper release


    Development of necessary technology. Beginning of mobile and web app development.

  • Community building campaign


    Campaign to raise awareness of Weconomy and it's mission. Also involve key partners and stakeholders. Further development of Weco mobile and web apps.

  • MVP release. Tokensale.


    Release of MVP of apps.

We plan to do a very modest supporter ICO to gather resources for development.

Team behind Weconomy

Aleksi Meldo
Product and Design

Background in product and software development, UI/UX design and product marketing. MSc (Tech) in Industrial Engineering. Passionate about blockchain-powered startups, entrepreneurship and technology. Full-stack dApp developer.

Niko Laamanen
Growth Catalyst

Background in co-ordinating multi-million commercial properties’ renovation projects has given him a firm grip on project management.

Other current roles: Chairman of the Finnish Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association Communications Manager at Enex Solar (enex.solar) Public Spokesperson for Bitcoin and Blockchain

Nathanael Heft
General Advisor

Background in Cryptocurrencies, European Regulations and Banking. Currently working at Sparda-Bank and studying advanced banking at Frankfurt School of Finance and Business.

Max Hillebrand
Genral Advisor

Background in Project Finance, Renewable Energy and Blockchain Technology. Founder of aparecium and Solis Tectum. Currently studying economics, banking and finance in a dual bachelors program at Deutsche Bank.

Felix Keser
Marketing Manager

Entrepreneur with background in E-Commerce and Online Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing. Also skilled IT systems technician at Viavi Solutions. Currently studying Internet and Online Marketing and building different businesses as a side-hustle.

Tuomas Santakallio
Development Manager

Tuomas has a background in international development. He has been involved in aid projects since early 2000's, ranging from the rural Internet to education, agribusiness, refugee camps and solar energy. Currently, Tuomas develops products around Hashgraph other and lattice-based algorithms. His cryptocurrency -related projects include Mundobitcoin, a remittance service and ATM network and spacechain.org civilian space program. Tuomas has also sold solar power projects for consumer sector in Finland. Tuomas studies energy technology at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

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